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Dear friend,

I turned $500 into $503,146 in one year.

And in this quick article, I’ll show you how anybody can do the same.

Now, this has nothing to do with:

Neither with complex money-making methods…

Like the ones you find out there, promoted by online influencers.

By the way, I’m not an online guru.

I’m just a husband and father of four who make the big bucks by flipping things

Using a unique system you have never seen before anywhere else.

And investing a few hours a week…

(I work at my business less time a day than most people spend on Netflix).

And if that sounds good for you, then here you’ll see how to do the same.

But first, let me tell you the story of…

How I turned $500 into $500K+ in a year

It was April 2020.

My fourth child had just been born.

And I started running the sales department for a sports & outdoors company.

I was working from 6 am to 7 pm for my boss.

He underwent emergency chemo for Acute Leukemia.

Finally, we got great news:

He was in remission.

I was relieved.

Of course, I expected a raise.

Something to compensate for those 14 hours of daily work without extra pay.

So, what was the first thing my boss did when he recovered?

He fired me.

Just as that: fired.

No raise.

No severance paid.

No “thanks for your effort”.

“I WAS F. I. R. E. D.”

My heart was in a sink.

I felt as if a thousand pounds were crushing me.

I couldn’t breathe or think clearly.

Those days, The US went under lockdown for COVID-19.

All I could think was:

“Business are shutting down everywhere. How am I going to pay my bills?”

“I have 4 kids to feed – what on earth do I do?”

I applied for 130 jobs.

130 jobs.

No one hired me.

I was desperate.

And every time I thought about the idea of not having money to feed my family, it scared the hell out of me.

Of course.

I HAD to do something.

So, I started to hunt for rare things in thrift stores and flip them for a profit.

My plan was to raise some money to build a business.

Well, I was in for a surprise!

In only six months I got $115,000 in sales.

Then I Realized That Flipping Was The Business.

Now, I could have done as most flippers do.

Keep hunting for cool things on Goodwill stores, Craigslist, and garage sales.

And make some bucks here and there flipping them.

But still, I felt it wasn’t enough.

And I didn’t want to sell my time again for nothing.

I have to secure the future for my four kids.

And I want to see them grow.

So by pure necessity, I assembled a system.

This system is something none of the famous flippers do.

It’s something that helps you to scale your business faster with less effort.

It has helped me to go from $500 to $500K in a year.

And can help anybody go from flipping things from thrift stores and selling them locally…

To resell massive amounts of merch worldwide.

The best part?

All that with a minimum investment of time.

And if that interests you.

Here I show you how to do exactly that.


Six-Figure Sourcing

Six-Figure Sourcing is the step-by-step process that can help anybody to build a flipping business that makes $1,397.62/Day.

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How To Make Your First $10K Reselling

Bonus 1: Top Sourcing Tools

Bonus 2: Tactical Arbitrage Method

Bonus 3: Product Finder Method

I'm Joseph Oliver

I will show you how to make $100,000 income flipping, even if you have a 9-5, without any prior business experience


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Here’s everything you get

I could make this course more complex.

Add hundreds of useless hours of videos.

Waste your time with tons of filler information.

And charge $2,000 for it.

But what I do is share all that I learned.

So you’ll receive all the information to start a profitable flipping business.

Yep, with this, you can make $1,397 a day.

And I’m not charging thousands like online gurus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With my system, anybody can start a profitable flipping business by investing from one to two hours a day.

No, previous experience isn’t required.

While Six-Figure Sourcing covers the foundations, even experienced flippers can get value from it.

The reason?

In Six-Figure Sourcing, you’ll discover how to scale your business faster and easier.

All you’ll need is an internet connection, a smartphone, and Google Sheets or Excel.

That said, if you want to start right now, just push the button below.

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Here’s everything you get

Total Value: $799

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*Only available for a limited time.

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